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Siner s.r.l. is a company operating in the distribution of products and solutions for small and medium format digital printing mostly at national but also at international level.
The Siner srl is leader in Sicily and definitely one of the most professional in Italy; Siner s.r.l. offers innovative solutions in the field of Visual Communication and a vast assortment that allows fast delivery and adequate response to clients’needs.
With a professional experience of 25 years of its directors, its mission is to create excellence projects and deliver quality products and equipment for companies with high level of standard which want to bet on coherent investments and which can be the mouthpiece for the values of communication and visual advertising. Siner s.r.l. in fact believes in the encounter of technical, strategic and creative skills that emphasize in a unique solution the SINERgies with companies with which to create together an added value. Siner s.r.l. also takes in to account its clients’ goals in order to provide solutions that allow the latter to compete in the global market and reach great selling position.
Siner s.r.l. is specialized particularly in the distribution of digital printing systems, silk-screen printing system and tampography system.

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