Location: Via Salvatore Carnevale 10A, 00043 Ciampino (Rome), Italy

The owners of the company since the beginning of the ’90 have been operating in the distribution of supplies for visual communication (advertising).

Today Eurmoma is a leading distributor of plastic sheets for major brands such as Perspex, Simona, Ondaplast, Nudec, treating materials like Methacrylate, PVC, polycarbonate, PET, PETg, polystyrene.

Eurmoma is also distributor of self-adhesive and biadhesive film for car wrapping and interior decoration.

Eurmoma is also distributor of products for LED and NEON lighting.

Eurmoma also has a production plant with CNC machineries with laser/cutter cut for the manufacturing of plastic sheets.

The Eurmoma has a staff of over 40 people, and it’s in possession of all necessary regulatory approvals (DURC, ITP, insurance RCO and RCT).

Eurmoma has also enabled the system to electronic billing, and regularly handles relations with the PA.