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In the field of FOLIE & DIGITALT, we provide materials and accessories for the graphic industry. We have been a partner for 3M for 20 years, distributing and storing most of their graphic assortment within self-adhesive products. We complement our range of custom imports of other related items.

The perfect combination of partnerships and our own presence makes us a complete supplier of signage makers, assemblers and advertising companies. We are also strongly committed to the 3M MCS concept – a guarantee program offered to manufacturing companies in the graphics industry. MCS means security and continuity for all parties, but also a major responsibility for both us and 3M.

With 30 years of experience of self-adhesive foils along with continuous training of our staff and a wide range of products, we have the knowledge and solutions required for difficult applications.

Our customers include signmakers, printers, assembly builders, architects, exhibition builders, advertising companies, etc.


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Mölndal 431 35 Västra Götalands län SE
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